PBTL Ali’s Garden, Road-3, Plot-124, Block-A, Sec-12, Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216.

Flat size- 1225 Sft, Each floor 2 units, 7 storied building. Rate per sft 5500/=, Field view and all morden facilities. Hand over December 2018(approx).

The running project of PBTL is a 7-Storied residential building at Plot No.-124, Road No.- 03, Block-A, Section – 12, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216. There are two units in each floor, each measuring 1225 sft. and car parking spaces in the ground floor. There is a big play ground in front of this building. Pallabi Police Station, Municipality Ward Commissioner Office, Community Center, Shopping Malls like Agora, Prince Bazar, Fast Food Shops like Pizza Hut, KFC, Hotels/Restaurants, Kitchen Market, Bus/Taxi Stands, Banks etc. etc are within a radius of 200 meters.

Features and Amenities of the Apartment


  • Main entrance door and frame Teak with good quality door handle Lock, apartment number plate, check viewer, and good quality door stopper.
  • Internal doors of strong Mahogany veneer flush doors with French polish.
  • All Internal door frames will be made of Mahogany/ Equivalent with French polish.
  • Good quality PVC door & Frame for all bath rooms.



  • Sliding Thai windows as per architectural design.
  • 5mm thick clear glass.
  • Good quality locks in aluminum doors and windows.
  • Safety grill with matching colour enamel paint in windows as per design.



  • All outer/interior walls are 5 inch thick good quality first class brick as per architectural design.
  • Interior walls are plastered smooth finish wall.
  • Roof top parapet wall is 5 inch thick as per architectural design.


Floor, Verandah, Stair

  • Floor with Monalisa/X-Monica homogeneous Tiles (16”x16”).
  • Verandah withMonalisa/X-Monica non slippery Tiles (16”x16”).
  • Stair with Monalisa/ X-Monica (12”x12”).


Paint and Polish

  • Smooth finished plastic paint in all internal walls and ceilings.
  • French polished door frames and shutters.
  • Exterior paint by Snowcem/Weather coat.
  • Veranda railing as per Architectural view.
  • All paints will be of good quality of RAK/Asian/ Equivalent brand.



  • Good quality electrical switches, plug points MK China.
  • Good quality light fixtures in stair and lobby.
  • Appropriate rating good quality electrical distribution box with main circuit breaker MK China, auto circuit breakers in distribution boxes.
  • Independent electric meter for each apartment located in ground floor.
  • Separate and independent electric meter for common facilities of all apartment owners.
  • Best quality appropriate rating concealed electrical wire (SQ/Paradise/ Equivalent)
  • Calling bell system for each apartment.
  • Provision for air conditioner in Master Bed.
  • Adequate fan, light points, switch boards and power sockets in each flat.
  • Verandah with suitable light points.
  • Concealed telephone outlet in Master bedroom and living room.
  • Concealed Intercom, TV/Dish cable line in Master Bed room and living room.



  • Best quality R.A.K. Sanitary Wares (Commode, Basin Karla Brand) in Master bathroom. Guest Bath will be long pan.
  • Satter Fittings in all Bathrooms.
  • Best quality Monalisa/ X-Monica Tiles (8”x12”) in Bathrooms up to ceiling height.
  • Matching Monalisa / X-Monica Floor Tiles (12”x12”) in all Bathrooms.
  • Standard size Mirrors in Bathrooms with overhead light point.
  • Concealed Hot and Cold Line provision in Master bath.
  • Enamel Paint on ceiling to prevent dirt and dampness.
  • Essentially uniform floor slope toward water outlet.



  • Impressively designed platform with Tiled Top.
  • Double Burner Gas Outlet.
  • Monalisa/X-Monika Tiles(8”x12”) on all walls up to5′-0”height.
  • Matching Monalisa / X-Monika Floor Tiles (12”x12”).
  • One counter-top stainless Steel Sink with sink cock.
  • Suitably Located Exhaust Fan Provision.
  • Electric plug points for running mixer, micro oven, refrigerator etc.

 Ground Floor

  • Car parking space.
  • Generator room, Security guard /Caretaker room, driver’s waiting area, kitchen provision.
  • Reception room with one toilet.
  • Staircase, lift core with decorative design.
  • Underground adequate capacity water reservoir.
  • There will be one universal type fire extinguisher on each floor’s lobby.


Roof of the Building

  • Overhead RCC water tank of adequate capacity.
  • Appropriate lift machine room.
  • Lightening Arrestor.
  • Appropriate Anti heat arrangement as per sound engineering practice.
  • Protective parapet wall of the roof top with drainage.



  • Brand new OTIS/ Equivalent (capacity 6 persons) Imported.


Water Pumps

  • Two units of new Gazi water pumps with appropriate capacity.(One standby)



  • CBC or equivalent brand (China) to connect each apartment to the Guard Post.



  • International Standard generator.
  • Enough capacity to cover lift common lights, pumps and three lights and three fan points in each apartment.

Solid Bricks

  • 1st class bricks. Brand.


  • Structural Works. Brand –Akij/Premier/Shah /Lafarge.
  • Masonry Works. Brand – Premier/Fresh/ Mir or equivalent.


  • SAS72-grade deformed bar or Torsteel (10mm ~ 25mm).


  • Sylhet Coarse Sand (FM – 2.5), Local Coarse Sand (FM 1.2~1.5).


  • Stone Chips (Major RCC structures) and 1st class picket Brick chips.
  • Structural design parameters based on American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Standards of Testing Materials (ASTM) codes.
  • Structural analysis for design carried out by “EXACT” method that utilizes the latest computer software.
  • Heavy reinforced cement concrete foundation.
  • Systematic structural combination of steel reinforced concrete frame and shear wall core.
  • Total foundation and superstructure design and supervision by a team of reputed and professional structural design engineers.
  • Sub-soil investigation and soil composition comprehensively analyzed by latest testing equipment and laboratory techniques.
  • Comprehensive section-by-section checking and testing of all steel reinforcement by professional design and supervising engineers.
  • All structural materials including steel, cement, bricks, Sylhet sand and other aggregates etc. of highest standard and screened for quality including laboratory testing.
  • Direct supervision at every stage of construction by a team of experienced and qualified civil engineers to ensure highest quality of workmanship.
  • Systematic testing in quality control laboratories of concrete and other completed work samples at every stage.
  • Protection from cyclone winds up to 210 KPH incorporated (As per Dhaka Zone).
  • Earthquake protection as per BNBC Code (Zone-2: Dhaka).
  • Adequate safety measures during construction to avoid any accidental incidents.
  • Fire protection features in the site.



All items mentioned in the above specifications are based on PBTL standard. In case of unavailability of the materials mentioned in this brochure, equivalent materials in terms of quality and price available in the market will be used and PBTL reserves the sale description to determine the standard of fittings. Any requirement/choice beyond the PBTL standard items will be considered as optional requirement of the buyer.




Upon receiving an application in our prescribed form along with the booking money, we shall issue an allotment letter in the official form specifying location, size and specifications of desired apartment within seven days.

The minimum booking money is 25% of the Total Apartment Price along with Car Park and the remaining amount should be paid in equal monthly or quarterly installments before the hand-over of the apartment. On payment of the 1st installment, a Deed of Agreement will be signed between the allottee and the Company.

The buyer must strictly adhere to the Schedule of payment to ensure timely completion of the construction. . If the buyer/Purchaser Second Party fails to make payment within the stipulated due date and the failure continues for 15 (fifteen) days, the Purchaser Second Party will be charged interest @ 0.1% of Contract Price per day after 15 days ahead up to one month on the installment due and in that event the Builder First Party shall be entitled to cancel this Deed of Agreement by a letter addressed to the Purchaser Second Party sent by registered post with acknowledgement due, with a penalty as per the Deed f Agreement. It needs to be mentioned here that the Purchaser Second Party shall not, without the prior written consent of the Builder first Party sell, transfer, convey, mortgage, change or in any way encumber, deal with or dispose of the rights and benefits under this Agreement till the dues of whatsoever nature owing to the Builder First Party are fully paid up. If the Purchaser Second Party, after execution of this Agreement, desires not to buy the Schedule-B Land and the Schedule- C Apartment from the Builder First Party, the Builder First Party may agree to return the deposited money after deducting 10% (Ten Percent) of the deposited / paid money or Tk. 3, 00,000/- (Three Lac) only whichever is higher. This deduction is also applicable in the event of cancellation in any means. In the event of cancellation of allotment the Allottee’s deposited amount (after deduction) will be refunded by installments after selling of the same apartment to a new Allottee / Buyer.


After taking over of apartment the allottee(s) must consult Professional Building & Technology Limited (PBT) prior to undertaking any structural or layout changes within the apartment complex. Failure to do so will be at the sole risk & responsibility of the allottee(s) and Professional Building & Technology Limited shall not be liable for any or all consequential damages and faults.  No changes are allowed in external outlook of the building.

All payments including drafts/ pay order / cash / cheque should be made payable to Professional Building & Technology Limited (PBTL).

An allottee would have the full right to inspect quality and Physical progress of work.

Optional choices would be given to allottees before starting of finishing work.



The Company reserves the right to accept or reject application for an allotment. The Company may make minor changes in the design and specifications of the project should these become necessary. For any major changes, involving allottee to bear cost, majority’s decision shall be accepted by all.

For any delay in completion of the project due to unavoidable circumstances, beyond the control of PBTL, such as riot, civil commotion, political disturbance, natural calamity, national emergency or any other reason that could disrupt the construction process, the company cannot be held responsible. And for reasons beyond the control of the company such as uncertain political situation or economic condition, war or Acts of God, if the company is forced to abandon the project, then in such eventuality, all payments made by the purchaser shall be refunded. In such a case, the purchaser shall not be entitled to any claim for damages, interest etc. whatsoever.


The buyer shall bear all costs relating to stamps, registration, sale permission, VAT, TAX/Gain TAX and legal aspects Etc.


Connection fees, security deposits and other incidental charges and costs related to gas, water, sewerage, power connections and solar system are not included in the price of the Apartments. The buyer shall make these payments either directly to the authorities concerned or pay the developer along with their service charges for obtaining such connections.


The buyer must undertake to become a member of owner’s Co-Operative society / Company which will be formed by the owners of Apartment for management of the common services such as water pumps, security, repair work, etc. Each buyer must deposit Tk.30,000/=or decided amount by the Flat Owner’s Associationfor the Reserve fund of the  society before taking possession of the Apartment and become a  Member/Director of the Co-operative/Company. All members must abide by the Co-operative or Company’s laws and by laws and incorporate the same clause(s), where applicable, in “Lease Agreement” if any Owner leases out his/her Apartment.


Allottee has to bear other taxes as decided by the Government of Bangladesh from time to time. The Company shall render its full service to ensure the minimum charge is applicable.


Others Terms & Conditions will be mentioned on Deed of Agreement between Allottee and Company.